Interior Painting


Interior painting is the best way to revitalize your home or office space, whether it’s to refresh the old paint work or adding a touch of new colour, New Style Painting Ltd. have you covered. Internal repaints can change the atmosphere of your rooms and help you achieve ‘the look’ and overall feeling you want to create for each space. Our process prior to delivering your dream house/ office space is simple:


– We care for your belongings

all of your precious belongings and furniture will be moved or covered if required to ensure they are not damaged during the painting process and moved back to their desired position once the work is complete.


– Preparation is key

we consider preparation to be of the utmost importance during the process of freshening up your space. To ensure you have the best outcome possible, New Style Painting Ltd. take pride in their preparation. The process includes cleaning, cooking, plastering up holes and sanding out any previous imperfections.


– Let the makeover begin

once prep work on all your walls, ceilings, architraves, skirting’s and doors is complete, we start off with an undercoat followed by two top coats of your desired product. New Style Painting Ltd. have an eye for detail and strive for the flawless finish you have dreamt of.


– The finished product

What used to be a house will now feel like home. New Style Painting Ltd. will ensure your new look has fulfilled your every request. We ensure that you as our customers are 110% satisfied with the finished product. If defects arise within the final consultation, we will work with you to amend them, ensuring you are happy with the results.